Easy way to surf free of traces and trackers

Escape prying eyes with this browser plugin for Chrome and VPN Client-  Windscribe from Canada

Escape prying eyes with this browser plugin for Chrome and VPN Client – Windscribe from Canada

Want to guard your privacy easily? Surf the BBC and out of area sites freely? Escape marketers, criminals, governments, Sessions, NSA?

Foil all ad beacons cookies social widget trackers hide your IP address draw the curtain for your ISP snooper etc?

Windscribe with 50GB (usually 10GB for the free version) is free at giveaway-club.com tonight and tomorrow Jun 3/24 Fri Sat NYC (I have checked out giveaway-club for six months and they reliably monitor and keep out all junk from their downloads).

Windscribe is simply a Chrome plugin and a Windows VPN Client as well if you want, no extra cost, the latter creating a data tunnel from your PC to their servers which is encrypted and then goes on elsewhere using their IP address which is shared by all. So all your apps are anonymous too.

What’s great is the Chrome browser plug in will block all the ad trackers which follow you across websites even with a VPN Client and it will rotate your user agent ie browser id.

Too bad Sessions eat that one up!

Is it perfect? No but claims 90% anonymity, Will they rob your info themselves? No, they are Canadian! (just above Ottawa).


“What does the desktop application do?
The desktop application is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) client. It creates an encrypted tunnel from your computer to our servers, and all your activity is sent through the tunnel. This has 2 advantages:

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) IP address is masked, so any website you visit or any applications you use (Skype, email providers, BitTorrent peers, etc), will see our IP address, which is shared by thousands of people, so your activity is mixed with other users.
Your Internet Service Provider cannot see what you do online. This is much more important than you think.
What does the browser extension do?
The browser extension provides a “Lite” VPN client, which does the same thing as the desktop one, but only in your browser. Any other applications you may be using on your computer will utilize your ISP provided IP address.
Additionally it blocks thousands of ad beacons and trackers that could follow you across the websites you visit, and compromise your privacy even if you are already using a VPN. It also blocks various “social widgets”, such as Facebook Like buttons, Twitter badges, etc, which are embedded into millions of websites and report all your activity to their respective companies. It also rotates your user agent (which identifies your browser), which further scrambles your online activities in the eyes of whoever is watching.

Why should I use both products?
Contrary to popular belief, a VPN client alone will not keep you anonymous or significantly help your privacy online, unless you take extreme measures, at which point using the Internet becomes a burden.
Anonymous IP address alone provides some protection, however marketers, criminals and governments have stepped up their game which allows them to track you even if you already use a VPN. In order to combat this, browser level protection is also necessary to improve your chances of staying anonymous.

Will Windscribe make me 100% anonymous?
Unlikely. Achieving complete anonymity online is extremely difficult if not impossible. Anyone who claims otherwise most likely has a pair of pants that are on fire. Windscribe will get you 90% there, however the last 10% entirely depends on the user.”

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