Cute, Creative, Crackpot: Cornucopia at CEWeek

Steady Array of Novelties at Annual Showstoppers Breakfast Show, More in Main Hall

Here’s Our Recommended Short List:

Apira Helmets Renew Hair, Wrinkles!

Jeff Braile of Aspira Science says that the lights inside this FDA approved helmet will add 35 per cent hair back if your scalp is not too far gone – and do it in nine months of daily use has good news if you’re worried about balding or wrinkles – Jeff Braile the president of its medical science division speaks at medical conferences where he presents his helmet and facial enclosure devices which solve either problem with their internal array of pinpoint lights, whose effect is backed up by peer reviewed studies which have won his cosmetic contraptions Class 2 medical device status with the FDA. Wear for half an hour a day for nine months and your hair will regrow as much as 35% unless it no longer has any hair follicles. “It’s probably too late for Dr Phil!”

Aspira’s Jeff Braile assures you that peer reviewed studies back up the ability of his light device to grow your hair 35% and remove face wrinkles to boot

MyFlow Offers Private Tweeting

Matt Walkajtys will help keep your rash statements from the all seeing eye of NSA and other busybodies offers private tweeting. No data is gathered, and any incautious posting can be privatized out of public view instantly. Join up now and be among the first hundred of no doubt millions of people who prefer that the infinite memory of the Web be blocked from their temporary enthusiasms and other personal embarrassments to their later selves. Founder genius New Yorker Matt Walkajtys bagged a desk at Showstoppers at the last moment and didn’t even have a printed notice of what he was showing off, but his faith in his ideology of evading the commercial data gathering which drives social media now is charming, and has rational limits. “Harassment and rape threats are verboten, and if ISIS God forbid shows up we could do something about it!” But a politician or celebrity needn’t worry about someone digging up a tweet from five years ago to embarrass him, as suffered by Trevor Noah, the new Daily Show host. MyFlow won’t raise angel or crowd funding to expand and sell some of its soul as similar breakaway social media sites like Diaspora and Ello may have done. “We will never have face recognition”, he vows. Privacy lovers, unite!

EcoATM Kiosks Swallow Old Phones, Pays Ready Money

Insert a used phone into this kiosk and it will offer you a good price – but Alas, still none of them in New York. has 2100 kiosks like this all over the US with the sad exception of New York, where laws designed to discourage fencing stolen goods currently block them from providing a very helpful service, estimating the value of any small electronic device you feed into it and making you an offer of cash on the spot – having checked the ID you also insert -with the help of real people on line at HQ. The items are checked for capacity water damage and cracks and will be returned if the offer is rejected. If it goes wrong you can call 1-858-255-4111 for help. It will assess 5500 different kinds of devices from MP3 players to smartphone, Palm Pilots to iPads.

Leef Instantly Expands Phone Memory – 16GB To 256GB

Leef will instantly expand your smartphone storage by 16GB to 256GB by slipping on this thumb drive, which can allow it to charge at the same time.

LeefCo has simple and well designed clip on flash drives to add up to 256 GB to your smartphone memory in a second, without interfering with power cables or devices that need the same one port on your smart phone. The iBridge Mobile Memory for Apple adds to others for Android and its app does much donkey work such as backing up camera shots and all that video which your phone can now easily accommodate.

Manhattan Untangles Cables

Headphone manufacturers Ahoy! – Manhattan can make you braided cables that will never tangle!

Headphones manufacturers wake up! Manhattan has the answer to one of the 21 Century’s most vexing annoyances – cable tangle! They offer braided cables that simply won’t wriggle and fold into more convolutions than DNA. Come on Audio Technica, why not give them a call? Stronger, too. Global problem solved!

Manhattan Products cabling is plaited to banish tangle once and for all, even on earbuds. Stronger, too. Audio Technica, please call them!


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