Final answer to Chrome glueing up a PC

For Chrome users with glued up PCs:  Since the execrable flaw of incessant Shockwave failure notices and glued up PC resumed a week ago, we searched again for a permanent solution and may have found it.  An Indian has kindly posted a video which shows you exactly how to solve the Shockwave problem, and one can see why.  There are two version of Shockwave Plugin which tend to be installed on Chrome, a Macromedia Plug In and a Chrome Google Plug In. Follow the Indian’s instructions by typing chrome://plugins/ in your address slot for url’s and then clicking the + sign to open up Details (top right hand corner).  Go to the listing for Chrome Shockwave plug in and Disable it.  Go to the Macromedia Shockwave plugin and make sure it is Enabled.  Close the page and your problem should be solved, without even rebooting.  Then thank the Indian.

His video is at

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  1. Alexander Jay says:

    Thank you for the most useful tip ever on how to make Chrome work properly. For over a year HP support and the Google Chrome forum were unable to suggest this simple solution to the fact that Shockwave failure was all over my pages and the PC acted as if someone was pouring molasses onto the circuit board. Now it runs like a Ferrari at Monte Carlo. Give that man a medal!  You have done better than the whole crowd of idiots at either huge corporation. Congratulations, Sir.

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